Battery Replacement Instructions

A) Shipping and Order Status:

How do you ship

How do I check the status of my BatteryShip order

How can I get my order shipped overnight

How can I get my order shipped by Priority Mail or Express Mail

What is 1-3 Day Rush Shipping

Do you ship to countries outside the USA - What is the rate

At BatteryShip can I bill or ship my order outside the USA

Is a signature required for deliveries or is it an option

How fast is Free Shipping and how do I qualify?

How do I enter an APO-FPO address

For a Puerto Rico address, is the urbanization necessary and how do I enter it

B) Safe Transactions 100% Guaranteed:

What does Brand New Compatible mean

What is FAST Same-Day Shipping

What is BatteryShip's Safe and Secure Shopping Guarantee

What is the 30 Days Money Back

What is the 1 Year Warranty

Do I pay sales tax

C) Ordering:

Which shipping address should I enter

What is the Price Per Ah?

Can I order more of the BatteryShip Li-ion chargers for the DC9144 (14.4v) Li-ion or DC9180 (18v) Li-ion battery replacements in addition to the free included one(s)?

How do I know if an item is in stock and what happens when an item goes out of stock or is on backorder

Do all batteries come with tools and instructions - Can I buy a battery without the tools

How do I find the specific battery I am looking for at BatteryShip using the search feature

D) Discounts:

What are your Quantity Discounts

E) Guarantee/Warranty/Returns:

What is the BatteryShip Guarantee

What if I refuse an order from BatteryShip when it is delivered because I changed my mind

How do I get an RMA number and return a product to BatteryShip

F) Payment/Charges:

What forms of payment do you accept

When will my credit-debit card be charged

G) Other Questions:

What is TPU?

Where are you located

What is the BatteryShip privacy policy

Why are some BatteryShip parts so expensive

Why does BatteryShip have my battery under a different part number - Why are some batteries displayed with several part numbers on your site

What are BatteryShip Terms of Sales

How do I submit a testimonial

What are your Live Help Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm MT

Do aftermarket batteries have the same capability and longevity as their branded counterparts

What is the difference between a BatteryShip 100% OEM Compatible/Aftermarket battery and an OEM battery?

Can batteries be recycled

How are batteries recycled

H) Battery Charging, Maintaining and Disposing:

How do I charge my battery?

Are BatteryShip batteries charged when they come - How do I charge it

How can I get the most out of my BatteryShip battery

What do I do with my old battery

Where do I find battery installation instructions at BatteryShip

What is Battery Education

What is Battery Capacity

How Do I Care For My Battery

My New Battery Will Not Charge

How Can I Maximize Battery Performance

How Long Should My Battery Last

Do I Have To Deep Cycle Charge My Battery

Do I Have To Clean My Battery

Do I Need Special Software For My New Battery

How Long Will My Battery Last

What are Battery Watt Hours

Should I keep my device plugged into my ac adapter

I) Battery Technology:

Is a 20V Max more Powerful than 18V?

What battery chemistry types will I find at BatteryShip

At BatteryShip can I choose what battery chemistry I would like to purchase

What are volts

What Is The Quality of Your Battery Cells?

How Many Cells Are In A Battery

How are batteries manufactured

What causes batteries to fail

What is battery degradation

What is declining capacity

What is loss of charge acceptance

What is Internal Resistance

What is Elevated Self-Discharge

What is Premature Voltage Cut-Off

What is a smart battery

What is inside a smart battery

What is a battery connector

What is a fuse

What is a FET

What is a cell pack

What is a sense resistor

What is the primary and secondary protection IC

What is the fuel-gauge IC

What is a thermistor

What is the PCBoard

What is the EEPROM

What is a battery

How do batteries work

Does temperature affect my battery

What are Integrated Power Management Circuits

What is the C Rating