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What is BatteryShip's Safe and Secure Shopping Guarantee

Security & Privacy
BatteryShip is committed to providing you a trusted environment where your privacy is maintained and your personal information is kept secure.

Click here for the terms of our guarantee which covers the use of a credit/debit card on our secure server.
Your privacy matters! We do not require a login in order to use or shop our site (except when you wish to access your order history), nor do we require you to identify yourself or provide any personal, confidential, or payment information until you reach the secure checkout process. Then, that information may only be used to complete the payment transaction, ship your order to you, provide you with written confirmation of the transaction and shipment, and contact you if there is a problem that requires your attention. Click Here for our complete privacy policy.

If you choose to use a debit or credit card to pay for your order, we will process your transaction using the most trusted secure payment gateway in the world, is responsible for the secure handling of billions of transactions and is a solution of CyberSource Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa.
Official PayPal Seal If you choose to use PayPal to pay for your order, you will only provide your payment information to PayPal and then they will send your payment to us.'s secure checkout server is equipped with continually updated hardware/software designed to keep your information safe from hackers, using industry standard 128 to 256 bit SSL encryption (depends on your browser's limit) to protect ALL information sent to/from your computer during the checkout process.
Our servers are managed locally, less than 10 miles from our warehouse in Cheyenne, Wyoming USA at Green House Data's data center. The facility employs 24/7/365 visual monitoring, mechanical/electronic and procedural access control, intrusion detection, personnel ID for all employees and visitors, surveillance both inside and out, double man-trap entry to data center white space, escorts for all visitors, individual locks for all colocation cages and pods, fenced facilities, bulletproof glass, reinforced walls and concrete bollards.
     Our workstation computers are housed in physically secure locations where we employ 24 hour surveillance and armed security. Installed behind firewalls, these machines are accessed only by mid to high level employees on permanently secure 256 bit encrypted connections.

More Info:
SECURITY GUARANTEE TERMS: If any unauthorized use of your credit/debit card occurs as a result of your direct transaction with us (excludes paypal transactions), notify your card issuer in accordance with its rules and procedures. If, through no fault of your own, the card provider finds card fraud but does not completely waive your liability, BatteryShip will reimburse you for the remaining liability up to a maximum of US $25.00. This guarantee applies to credit/debit card purchases made using BatteryShip’s secure server (excludes paypal transactions).