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Toshiba DF-TNB100MT Charger Replacement

Toshiba DF-TNB100MT Charger Replacement
Primary # DF-TNB100MT

Brand New Compatible Toshiba DF-TNB100MT Charger. Input: 100-240V. Frequency: 50 - 60Hz. Output: 20V-2.0A. Power: 40W. Connector: 5.50 x 2.50

IMPORTANT: This laptop charger includes 4 wall plugs to adapt internationally: USA, UK, Euro, and AU/NZ plugs!

Compatible Toshiba DF-TNB100MT Charger Replacement
Toshiba DF-TNB100MT Charger Replacement
Primary # DF-TNB100MT

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Toshiba DF-TNB100MT Charger Replacement Details

This is a brand new, OEM compatible replacement charger for Toshiba's DF-TNB100MT charger (see compatible model list below).

Compatible With These Models/Part Numbers:
ADP-30JHBADP-40MH ADDynabook UX/ 23JBR
Dynabook UX/ 23JWHDynabook UX/ 24JBRDynabook UX/ 24JWH
Dynabook UX/23JBLDynabook UX/23JBRDynabook UX/23JWH
Dynabook UX/24JBLDynabook UX/24JBRDynabook UX/24JWH
Dynabook UX/25JBLDynabook UX/27JBLMAFMV-AC326
FPCAC66libretto W100libretto W105
libretto W105-L251Mini NB200-11HMini NB200
Mini NB200-00PMini NB200-10FMini NB200-10Z
Mini NB200-110Mini NB205Mini NB205-N310/BN
Mini NB205-N311/WMini NB205-N312/BLmini NB205-N312BL
Mini NB205-N313/PMini NB300-00FMini NB300-108
Mini NB300-10MMini NB305Mini NB305-00F
Mini NB305-00TMini NB305-01EMini NB305-105
Mini NB305-106Mini NB305-N310Mini NB305-N410BL
Mini NB305-N410BNMini NB305-N410WHMini NB305-N411BL
Mini NB305-N411BNMini NB305-N413BNMini Notebook NB205-N210
Mini Notebook NB205-N211Mini Notebook NB205-N230Mini Notebook NB205-N310/BN
Mini Notebook NB205-N310BN-GMini Notebook NB205-N311/WMini Notebook NB205-N312/BL
Mini Notebook NB205-N313/PMini Notebook NB205-N313BNMini Notebook NB205-N314BL
Mini Notebook NB205-N325BNMini Notebook NB205-N325PKMini Notebook NB205-N325WH
Mini Notebook NB205-N330BNMini Notebook NB205-N330PKMini Notebook NB205-N330WH
Mini Notebook NB255-N240Mini Notebook NB255-N245Mini Notebook NB255-N246
Mini Notebook NB255-N250Mini Notebook NB305-N310GMini Notebook NB305-N410BN-G
Mini Notebook NB305-N440BLMini Notebook NB305-N440BNMini Notebook NB305-N440RD
Mini Notebook NB305-N440WHMini Notebook NB305-N442BNMini Notebook NB305-N442RD
Mini Notebook NB305-N442WHMini Notebook NB305-N444BNMini Notebook NB305-N600
Mini Notebook NB505-N500BLMini Notebook NB505-N508BLMini Notebook NB505-N508BN
Mini Notebook NB505-N508GNMini Notebook NB505-N508ORMini Notebook NB505-N508TQ
Netbook NB100Netbook NB100 miniNetbook NB100 N270 PLL10E-00X00TEN
Netbook NB100 PANB100NLNetbook NB100 PLL10C-01G02UNetbook NB100 PLL10E-00X00TEN
Netbook NB100-01E02HNetbook NB100-01GNetbook NB100-10X
Netbook NB100-10X PLL10E-00W00SGRNetbook NB100-10YNetbook NB100-111
Netbook NB100-11GNetbook NB100-11RNetbook NB100-11R PLL10E-00X00TEN
Netbook NB100-128Netbook NB100-128 PLL10E-010030ENNetbook NB100-12A
Netbook NB100-12A PLL10E-013030ENNetbook NB100-12SNetbook NB100-12S PLL10E-01U02DCE
Netbook NB100-A100BNetbook NB105PA3743A-1AC3
PA3822U-1ACAPLL10E-00D02CGRPortege R835-P56X
Portege Z830-104Portege Z830-10NPortege Z830-10P
Portege Z830-10QPortege Z830-11JPortege Z830-S8301
Portege Z835-P330Portege Z835-ST6N03S26113-E545-V55-01
Satellite NB200Satellite NB200-10zSatellite NB200-110
Satellite NB200-113Satellite NB200-11HSatellite NB200-11L
Satellite NB201Satellite NB205Satellite NB205-312
Satellite NB205-N210Satellite NB205-N211Satellite NB205-N310
Satellite NB205-N310/BNSatellite NB205-N311Satellite NB205-N311/W
Satellite NB205-N312/BLSatellite NB205-N312/BNSatellite NB205-N313/P
Satellite NB205-N313PSatellite T210DSatellite T215D
Satellite T215D-S1140RDSatellite T215D-S1150WHSatellite T230
Satellite T235Satellite T235DSatellite T235D-S1345
Satellite T235D-S1345RD  

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