More Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Price Per Ah?

More capacity (Ah or mAh) equals more runtime. The more Ah or mAh for your dollar the better the value!

The price per Ah calculation tells you exactly how much your battery costs per Amp hour. It is the same way one calculates price per ounce. This calculation allows you to price compare the true cost and value of a battery.

More Info:
Be sure to learn more about our Battery Cell Quality and Battery Capacity as they also define the battery's value.

More on Price Per Ah: The Price Per Ah calculation takes the total price divided by the number of Ah listed. For example if the total price for a 3.0Ah battery is $75 then the price per Ah is $75 divided by 3 or $25.00.

By calculating the price per Ah you can then get the truest cost of each battery and this will allow you to see the real net savings you will get with our batteries.

The capacity of a battery determines how long your battery can power your tool between charges (this is called runtime). The greater the capacity the greater the runtime. Capacity is measured in Ah or mAh.

When buying a battery you want to be sure you are getting the highest capacity available at the lowest possible dollar cost to you. This will insure you are getting the most for your money.

For example if an OEM battery has a capacity of 2.0Ah and the aftermarket version has a 3.0Ah capacity well then when you buy the aftermarket battery you are getting 50% more battery for your money.

More capacity (Ah or mAh) equals more runtime. More runtime means your battery will last longer between charges. The longer your battery lasts the more bang for your buck you will get!