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What Is The Quality of Your Battery Cells?

BatteryShip uses the highest quality battery cells in the manufacturing of the batteries we offer, including cells made by Samsung, LG, and Sanyo. Higher quality cells result in a longer lasting battery.

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Be sure to learn more about Battery Capacity and Price Per Amp Hour as they also define the battery's value.

More on Battery Cells: The battery cell is the heart of your battery and therefore it is essential to get the highest quality cell for your money.

The higher quality cell manufacturers are Samsung, LG, and Sanyo, which are used in many of our products.

Battery cell manufacturers categorize cells into grades (Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C). Battery grades are a reflection of capacity and internal resistance at different price points. The higher quality production lines categorize their cells as follows:

Grade A--- capacity above 1100mAh, internal resistance below 60 milliohms
Grade B---capacity 1000 to 1100mAh, internal resistance 60 to 80 milliohms
Grade C---capacity below 1000mAh, internal resistance above 80 milliohms

For more info, please read Battery Manufacturing and Cell Grades.