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HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement

HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement
Primary # HSTNN-CB72 (size: 205.00 x 49.80 x 20.30mm)

Brand New Compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement, Black. (battery condition: NEW) 10.8 volts 4400 mAh, Lithium Ion

Compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement
HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement
Primary # HSTNN-CB72 (size: 205.00 x 49.80 x 20.30mm)

High Quality Battery Cells = Longer Life

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Price: $54.02
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HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement Details
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 205.00 x 49.80 x 20.30mm
This is a brand new replacement battery for HP Compaq's HSTNN-CB72 battery (see compatible model list below).

Exceptional HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement Technology
  • Lithium Ion Chemistry info
  • 10.8 volts
  • info
  • 47.52 Whr (Watt Hours) info
  • 4400 mAh info
  • OEM Compatible
  • Integrated Power Management Circuits - protect against over-voltage and under-voltage conditions and maximizes battery life between charges, minimizes charging times, and improves overall battery life.
  • The HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement provides 300-500 discharge/charge cycles. info
  • Your new HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement comes in a discharged condition and must be charged before use (refer to your manual for charging instructions).
  • The HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement prefers a partial rather than a full discharge. Frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible.
  • Keep the HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement cool and store only in a cool, dry location.
  • The HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement is Quality Tested and RoHS & CE Certified.

Compatible With These Devices:
COMPAQ Presario CQ40-305AUCOMPAQ Presario CQ40-313AXCOMPAQ Presario CQ40-315AX
COMPAQ Presario CQ45-306TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ45-307TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ60-100
COMPAQ Presario CQ60-200COMPAQ Presario CQ60-202TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ60-204TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ60-208TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ60-300COMPAQ Presario CQ60-400
COMPAQ Presario CQ60-419WMCOMPAQ Presario CQ61-100COMPAQ Presario CQ61-200
COMPAQ Presario CQ61-300COMPAQ Presario CQ70-100COMPAQ Presario CQ71-100
COMPAQ Presario CQ71-200COMPAQ Presario CQ71-300HP dv5-1017tx
HP dv5-1018txHP G60-200HP G61
HP G70-100HP G71HP HDX X16-1100
HP HDX X16-1200HP HDX X16-1300HP HDX16-1140US
HP Pavilion dv3500HP Pavilion dv3500tHP Pavilion dv4-1000
HP Pavilion dv4-1100HP Pavilion dv4-1200HP Pavilion dv5-1000
HP Pavilion dv5-1000eaHP Pavilion dv5-1000usHP Pavilion dv5-1001au
HP Pavilion dv5-1001axHP Pavilion dv5-1001tuHP Pavilion dv5-1001tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1002auHP Pavilion dv5-1002axHP Pavilion dv5-1002nr
HP Pavilion dv5-1002txHP Pavilion dv5-1002usHP Pavilion dv5-1003ax
HP Pavilion dv5-1003clHP Pavilion dv5-1003nrHP Pavilion dv5-1003tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1004axHP Pavilion dv5-1004nrHP Pavilion dv5-1004tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1005axHP Pavilion dv5-1005efHP Pavilion dv5-1005eg
HP Pavilion dv5-1005emHP Pavilion dv5-1005txHP Pavilion dv5-1006ax
HP Pavilion dv5-1006txHP Pavilion dv5-1007axHP Pavilion dv5-1007ca
HP Pavilion dv5-1007clHP Pavilion dv5-1007efHP Pavilion dv5-1007tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1008axHP Pavilion dv5-1008caHP Pavilion dv5-1008ea
HP Pavilion dv5-1008txHP Pavilion dv5-1009axHP Pavilion dv5-1009ea
HP Pavilion dv5-1009txHP Pavilion dv5-1010eaHP Pavilion dv5-1010ef
HP Pavilion dv5-1010egHP Pavilion dv5-1010etHP Pavilion dv5-1010us
HP Pavilion dv5-1011eaHP Pavilion dv5-1011txHP Pavilion dv5-1012ea
HP Pavilion dv5-1012txHP Pavilion dv5-1013txHP Pavilion dv5-1014tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1015eaHP Pavilion dv5-1015nrHP Pavilion dv5-1015tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1016txHP Pavilion dv5-1017nrHP Pavilion dv5-1020el
HP Pavilion dv5-1020etHP Pavilion dv5-1020txHP Pavilion dv5-1021tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1022elHP Pavilion dv5-1022txHP Pavilion dv5-1023tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1024elHP Pavilion dv5-1024txHP Pavilion dv5-1025tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1026txHP Pavilion dv5-1027txHP Pavilion dv5-1028ca
HP Pavilion dv5-1028txHP Pavilion dv5-1029txHP Pavilion dv5-1030ef
HP Pavilion dv5-1030elHP Pavilion dv5-1030epHP Pavilion dv5-1030es
HP Pavilion dv5-1030txHP Pavilion dv5-1031txHP Pavilion dv5-1032el
HP Pavilion dv5-1032txHP Pavilion dv5-1033txHP Pavilion dv5-1034ca
HP Pavilion dv5-1034elHP Pavilion dv5-1034txHP Pavilion dv5-1035tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1036txHP Pavilion dv5-1037txHP Pavilion dv5-1038tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1039txHP Pavilion dv5-1040ecHP Pavilion dv5-1040ee
HP Pavilion dv5-1040egHP Pavilion dv5-1040ehHP Pavilion dv5-1040ep
HP Pavilion dv5-1040erHP Pavilion dv5-1040etHP Pavilion dv5-1040ew
HP Pavilion dv5-1040ezHP Pavilion dv5-1040txHP Pavilion dv5-1041tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1042txHP Pavilion dv5-1043txHP Pavilion dv5-1044ca
HP Pavilion dv5-1044txHP Pavilion dv5-1045txHP Pavilion dv5-1046tx
HP Pavilion dv5-1048erHP Pavilion dv5-1050eiHP Pavilion dv5-1050ek
HP Pavilion dv5-1050erHP Pavilion dv5-1050esHP Pavilion dv5-1060ec
HP Pavilion dv5-1060eeHP Pavilion dv5-1060ewHP Pavilion dv5-1070ec
HP Pavilion dv5-1070eeHP Pavilion dv5-1070erHP Pavilion dv5-1070es
HP Pavilion dv5-1070ewHP Pavilion dv5-1080ehHP Pavilion dv5-1080ei
HP Pavilion dv5-1080elHP Pavilion dv5-1087eoHP Pavilion dv5-1090es
HP Pavilion dv5-1093xxHP Pavilion dv5-1094eoHP Pavilion dv5-1094xx
HP Pavilion dv5-1095eoHP Pavilion dv5-1096xxHP Pavilion dv5-1098xx
HP Pavilion dv5-1099xxHP Pavilion dv5-1100HP Pavilion dv5t-1000
HP Pavilion dv5z-1000HP Pavilion dv6-1000etHP Pavilion dv6-1001tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1001xxHP Pavilion dv6-1002txHP Pavilion dv6-1003tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1004txHP Pavilion dv6-1005eaHP Pavilion dv6-1005ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1005txHP Pavilion dv6-1006txHP Pavilion dv6-1007tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1008txHP Pavilion dv6-1009elHP Pavilion dv6-1009tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1010eaHP Pavilion dv6-1010edHP Pavilion dv6-1010et
HP Pavilion dv6-1010txHP Pavilion dv6-1011txHP Pavilion dv6-1012tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1013eaHP Pavilion dv6-1013txHP Pavilion dv6-1016ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1018elHP Pavilion dv6-1020ecHP Pavilion dv6-1020ed
HP Pavilion dv6-1020eiHP Pavilion dv6-1020ejHP Pavilion dv6-1020ek
HP Pavilion dv6-1020elHP Pavilion dv6-1020eqHP Pavilion dv6-1020et
HP Pavilion dv6-1022elHP Pavilion dv6-1023efHP Pavilion dv6-1023em
HP Pavilion dv6-1025efHP Pavilion dv6-1025eiHP Pavilion dv6-1025ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1027efHP Pavilion dv6-1030caHP Pavilion dv6-1030ec
HP Pavilion dv6-1030edHP Pavilion dv6-1030efHP Pavilion dv6-1030em
HP Pavilion dv6-1030eoHP Pavilion dv6-1030eqHP Pavilion dv6-1030us
HP Pavilion dv6-1038caHP Pavilion dv6-1040ebHP Pavilion dv6-1040ed
HP Pavilion dv6-1040eiHP Pavilion dv6-1040ejHP Pavilion dv6-1040ek
HP Pavilion dv6-1040elHP Pavilion dv6-1040evHP Pavilion dv6-1040ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1042elHP Pavilion dv6-1044elHP Pavilion dv6-1045ee
HP Pavilion dv6-1045eiHP Pavilion dv6-1045eoHP Pavilion dv6-1045ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1046elHP Pavilion dv6-1050efHP Pavilion dv6-1050ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1050enHP Pavilion dv6-1050eoHP Pavilion dv6-1050ep
HP Pavilion dv6-1050etHP Pavilion dv6-1050usHP Pavilion dv6-1053cl
HP Pavilion dv6-1055eeHP Pavilion dv6-1056elHP Pavilion dv6-1058el
HP Pavilion dv6-1060elHP Pavilion dv6-1060eoHP Pavilion dv6-1060es
HP Pavilion dv6-1060evHP Pavilion dv6-1062elHP Pavilion dv6-1066el
HP Pavilion dv6-1068elHP Pavilion dv6-1070eoHP Pavilion dv6-1080el
HP Pavilion dv6-1080eqHP Pavilion dv6-1080esHP Pavilion dv6-1090eo
HP Pavilion dv6-1090esHP Pavilion dv6-1099efHP Pavilion dv6-1100
HP Pavilion dv6-1100eoHP Pavilion dv6-1100esHP Pavilion dv6-1100so
HP Pavilion dv6-1100ssHP Pavilion dv6-1100svHP Pavilion dv6-1101au
HP Pavilion dv6-1101axHP Pavilion dv6-1101soHP Pavilion dv6-1101tu
HP Pavilion dv6-1101txHP Pavilion dv6-1102auHP Pavilion dv6-1102ax
HP Pavilion dv6-1102tuHP Pavilion dv6-1102txHP Pavilion dv6-1103au
HP Pavilion dv6-1103axHP Pavilion dv6-1103eeHP Pavilion dv6-1103ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1103eoHP Pavilion dv6-1103tuHP Pavilion dv6-1103tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1104auHP Pavilion dv6-1104axHP Pavilion dv6-1104tu
HP Pavilion dv6-1104txHP Pavilion dv6-1105auHP Pavilion dv6-1105ax
HP Pavilion dv6-1105eeHP Pavilion dv6-1105eiHP Pavilion dv6-1105eo
HP Pavilion dv6-1105esHP Pavilion dv6-1105slHP Pavilion dv6-1105tu
HP Pavilion dv6-1105txHP Pavilion dv6-1106auHP Pavilion dv6-1106ax
HP Pavilion dv6-1106txHP Pavilion dv6-1107auHP Pavilion dv6-1107ax
HP Pavilion dv6-1107elHP Pavilion dv6-1107txHP Pavilion dv6-1108au
HP Pavilion dv6-1108axHP Pavilion dv6-1108caHP Pavilion dv6-1108tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1109auHP Pavilion dv6-1109axHP Pavilion dv6-1109tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1110ecHP Pavilion dv6-1110egHP Pavilion dv6-1110eh
HP Pavilion dv6-1110ejHP Pavilion dv6-1110elHP Pavilion dv6-1110eo
HP Pavilion dv6-1110eqHP Pavilion dv6-1110esHP Pavilion dv6-1110et
HP Pavilion dv6-1110ezHP Pavilion dv6-1110ssHP Pavilion dv6-1110tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1111txHP Pavilion dv6-1112txHP Pavilion dv6-1113tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1114txHP Pavilion dv6-1115eeHP Pavilion dv6-1115ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1115esHP Pavilion dv6-1115etHP Pavilion dv6-1115ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1115txHP Pavilion dv6-1116elHP Pavilion dv6-1116tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1117elHP Pavilion dv6-1117esHP Pavilion dv6-1117tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1118elHP Pavilion dv6-1118txHP Pavilion dv6-1119el
HP Pavilion dv6-1119txHP Pavilion dv6-1120ecHP Pavilion dv6-1120ef
HP Pavilion dv6-1120egHP Pavilion dv6-1120ehHP Pavilion dv6-1120ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1120ejHP Pavilion dv6-1120ekHP Pavilion dv6-1120el
HP Pavilion dv6-1120eoHP Pavilion dv6-1120eqHP Pavilion dv6-1120er
HP Pavilion dv6-1120esHP Pavilion dv6-1120etHP Pavilion dv6-1120ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1120saHP Pavilion dv6-1120sfHP Pavilion dv6-1120sk
HP Pavilion dv6-1120slHP Pavilion dv6-1120txHP Pavilion dv6-1121tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1122txHP Pavilion dv6-1122usHP Pavilion dv6-1123ee
HP Pavilion dv6-1123txHP Pavilion dv6-1124caHP Pavilion dv6-1124tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1125eeHP Pavilion dv6-1125efHP Pavilion dv6-1125el
HP Pavilion dv6-1125eoHP Pavilion dv6-1125erHP Pavilion dv6-1125et
HP Pavilion dv6-1125sfHP Pavilion dv6-1125txHP Pavilion dv6-1126el
HP Pavilion dv6-1126txHP Pavilion dv6-1127clHP Pavilion dv6-1127ee
HP Pavilion dv6-1127elHP Pavilion dv6-1127txHP Pavilion dv6-1128tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1129txHP Pavilion dv6-1130ecHP Pavilion dv6-1130eg
HP Pavilion dv6-1130ehHP Pavilion dv6-1130eiHP Pavilion dv6-1130ek
HP Pavilion dv6-1130elHP Pavilion dv6-1130eoHP Pavilion dv6-1130eq
HP Pavilion dv6-1130esHP Pavilion dv6-1130etHP Pavilion dv6-1130sa
HP Pavilion dv6-1130txHP Pavilion dv6-1131saHP Pavilion dv6-1131tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1132saHP Pavilion dv6-1132txHP Pavilion dv6-1133eg
HP Pavilion dv6-1133etHP Pavilion dv6-1133saHP Pavilion dv6-1133tx
HP Pavilion dv6-1134caHP Pavilion dv6-1134txHP Pavilion dv6-1135ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1135ekHP Pavilion dv6-1135etHP Pavilion dv6-1135ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1135txHP Pavilion dv6-1136txHP Pavilion dv6-1138ca
HP Pavilion dv6-1140eaHP Pavilion dv6-1140ecHP Pavilion dv6-1140ed
HP Pavilion dv6-1140efHP Pavilion dv6-1140egHP Pavilion dv6-1140ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1140ejHP Pavilion dv6-1140ekHP Pavilion dv6-1140el
HP Pavilion dv6-1140eoHP Pavilion dv6-1140eqHP Pavilion dv6-1140es
HP Pavilion dv6-1140etHP Pavilion dv6-1140ezHP Pavilion dv6-1145eg
HP Pavilion dv6-1148caHP Pavilion dv6-1149egHP Pavilion dv6-1149et
HP Pavilion dv6-1150ecHP Pavilion dv6-1150edHP Pavilion dv6-1150ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1150elHP Pavilion dv6-1155eiHP Pavilion dv6-1157ez
HP Pavilion dv6-1160edHP Pavilion dv6-1160egHP Pavilion dv6-1160ei
HP Pavilion dv6-1160ejHP Pavilion dv6-1160enHP Pavilion dv6-1170ed
HP Pavilion dv6-1170egHP Pavilion dv6-1170eoHP Pavilion dv6-1170es
HP Pavilion dv6-1180edHP Pavilion dv6-1180ejHP Pavilion dv6-1180eo
HP Pavilion dv6-1180esHP Pavilion dv6-1185eoHP Pavilion dv6-1190eg
HP Pavilion dv6-1190enHP Pavilion dv6-1190eoHP Pavilion dv6-1199ee
HP Pavilion dv6-1199egHP Pavilion dv6-1200HP Pavilion dv6-1300
HP Pavilion dv6-2000HP Pavilion dv6tHP Pavilion dv6t-1000
HP Pavilion dv6t-1100HP Pavilion dv6zHP Pavilion dv6z-1000
HP Pavilion G50-100HP Pavilion G60HP Pavilion G60-100
HP Pavilion G60-230USHP Pavilion G70HP Pavilion G70-250us
HP Pavilion HDX X16-1000sHP Pavilion HDX16tHP Paviliondv5-1010tx
HP Paviliondv5-1019txHP Presario CQ50-100HP Presario G50
HP Presario HDX16  

Interchangeable With These Part Numbers ONLY When Used With The Devices Listed Above:
COMPAQ 462889-121COMPAQ 462890-541COMPAQ 462890-761
HP 462889-121HP 462889-421HP 462890-151
HP 462890-161HP 462890-541HP 462890-751
HP 462890-761HP 482186-003HP 484170-001
HP 484170-002HP 484171-001HP 485041-001
HP 485041-003HP 487296-001HP 487354-001
HP 497694-001HP 498482-001HP 62890-251

Questions About The HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement
  1. How long will my HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement last?
    There are two factors that govern how long a compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement will last: runtime and charge-discharge cycles. Runtime is a measure of how much time can elapse before... More

  2. Should I charge my HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement before I use it, each time I use it, and/or during storage?
    When you first get your compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement you should charge it until your charger or device indicates that it is fully charged. If your device/charger does not indicate whether or not it is fully charged, then check your device/charger manual for charging times. It can take 1-12 hours to fully charge depending on the chemistry of your battery and the type of device and charger. After that it is good to charge it as needed while making sure you do not leave it at a low charge level for long periods. Your compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement was designed to... More

  3. What will cause my HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement to lose power?
    A compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement over time degrades and eventually stops working. In fact the compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement from its very first charge begins a very slow process that causes it to cease from functioning. Collectively the process is called... More

  4. Does the HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement come with installation instructions?
    We offer replacement instructions for a wide variety of batteries that require more complex installs than snap or slide-on batteries. To see if installation instructions are necessary or provided for the compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement, please... More

  5. Does the HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement come with a tool kit to help me install it?
    If an installation tool kit is included with the compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement, you will see that listed in the description of the battery towards the top of this page. And the best thing to do is to look for the image of a tool kit to the left of the product photo. If you see... More

  6. Does my HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement self discharge when not in use? What is the rate of Self-Discharge of the battery?
    All rechargeable batteries (like the HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement) will self discharge over a period of time naturally whether the battery is used or not. This means that the compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement capacity will go from 100% down to 0% over a time period regardless if... More

  7. My new HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement isn't working or charging. Is it defective?
    Our HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement comes in a slightly discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge the new compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement two to... More

  8. Will my device's performance differ if I use your aftermarket HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement?
    Replacement batteries or "aftermarket" batteries like the HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement will often last longer and provide more runtime than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries that came with your device. We design the compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement so that... More

  9. Will the HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement fit my device?
    We conform our HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement designs to meet the specifications of your device. The physical footprint of the compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement was... More

  10. I do not see my model listed in your Compatible Model List? Will your HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement fit?
    We do our best to list as many models that our HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement fits, but inevitably we sometimes miss a model or two. The best thing to do to insure that our compatible HP Compaq 484170-001 Laptop Battery Replacement will fit in this case is to ask us.

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